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What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a revolutionary way to access and spend the money in your credit union checking or savings
account. With Dwolla, you can use your phone, computer, even your social networks and physical
locations to send and receive cash, for the cheapest price and the most convenience.

What can I do with Dwolla?

alt Forgot your wallet and your friend had to pay for lunch? Don't worry, with Dwolla you can take out your cell phone and pay your friend back on the spot. No trips to the ATM, no checks, no worries.

alt Hate writing checks to your landlord each month for rent...Dwolla makes rent payments hassle free. Setup an account and pay your rent electronically each month and because transactions over $10 are just $0.25, Dwolla is cheaper than a postage stamp.

alt Just got home from a night out and don't have enough cash leftover to pay the babysitter? No problem, pay the babysitter with Dwolla. You see, even if the babysitter doesn't have a Dwolla account, you can still send them money.

Dwolla is cost effective

Transactions $10 and under are FREE! Any transaction over $10 is just $0.25. That is less than the cost
of a postage stamp. Also, there are no fees for moving money in or out of your Dwolla account!

Is Dwolla safe?

Dwolla is VERY safe. With Dwolla, none of your information is transferred/released/captured/transcribed
during a transaction. Furthermore, Dwolla mobile and online payments are layered with security features
protecting your money. Simply put, Dwolla allows you to move your money the way you want to without
exposing or sharing your personal information to a third party.

How do I access Dwolla?

With smartphone apps and access through your credit union, Dwolla is everywhere you are!

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